Kyle DeSpiegler

Actor / Writer / Director

            I have lived in 3 major cities in the last 5 years of my life (ATLANTA, NYC, LA) and each city has fueled my undying desire to perform / collaborate in TV / FILM / THEATRE projects. I've had a lot of support, guidance and personal / professional success over the years, stemming from my mentor Kris Salata at Florida State University, to my first agency Real People Atlanta, to Bill Treusch (my talent manager in NYC), to working with the likes of Ivette Dumeng (Artistic Director of Nylon Fusion Theatre Co), Austin Pendleton, John Patrick Shanley, Sir Ian Mckellen, Laura Rosenthal, the Grotowski Institute and now with my agents in LA (Connor, Ankrum & Associates).  

             Since moving to LA, I have booked 2 TV pilots (Disenchanted Production's Banish'd & Director / Producer / Writer Claudine Marrote's The Gig) and a supporting role in Smite, a web series by Top Bunk Productions (which can be seen on Channel 101 later this summer). I've also been collaborating with Arts at Play in Downtown LA in their "...fraternity style drinking game / play festival" Tiny Rhino.

             I just wrapped on a medical suspense thriller called Night Sweats (SAG Feature Film) directed by Andrew Lyman-Clarke. I played the lead, Yuri, who searches for answers after losing his best friend to a mysterious illness.

              Currently, I am taking improv classes at The Groundlings Theatre & School and taking multiple workshops with the likes of Scott David, Killian's Workshop, & Bob Krakower. I am also developing a 30-minute TV comedy series Who am I?



"Buy the ticket, take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson